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Jessica Lajner

Aug 2nd: 5-8pm

Born and raised in Midland Ontario, she picked up a guitar at the early age of six and never put it back down. After studying as a classical guitarist for years, she expanded her repertoire and influences to include many genres of music, making her versatile. Even though her writing and performing styles are very eclectic, Jessica is heavily influenced by blues, soul and flamenco music.


Every Friday, Aug 9-30th: 5-8pm

With a repertoire resembling a college pre-drinking playlist, a Gen X vinyl collection and a Top 40 FM station all into one, Emberly entertains rowdy, pitcher-clanging crowds for three hours a night.

John Kirby

Every Friday, Sep 6-27: 5-8pm

Cascading soundscapes blended with acoustic guitars, poppy vocals and synthy undertones. Kirby’s second solo departure, the self titled “Kirby” welcomes a full sound that is anything but lonesome. Fronting Burlington, Ontario prog-rock band ‘First Time Fallen’ for several years, Kirby released his first solo EP “Within These Walls” in 2007 before taking the figurative plunge with his next EP “The Good Fight”, in 2008.

Rebekah Hawker

Every Friday, Oct 4-25th: 5-8pm

For the past five years, Rebekah Hawker has been giving Toronto audiences the acknowledgement they never knew they needed; singing their pain into a crowded room. From the first sung note, her voice like quick water over river stones, follows winding paths and interval leaps, leading listeners to an emotional oasis. True to her folk roots, she is dressed in a flowing skirt, gold nose ring and black boots, looking like the big sister who was never too cool to sing you to sleep. Raised in a full house of ten children in Barrie, Ontario, Rebekah is acute in identifying those growing pains we never quite grow out of, and all the ways they make us worthy of being loved. A woman who knows that where a guitar can be picked up, and a feeling shared, it should be.

Lindy Vopnfjord

Every Friday, Sep 6-27th: 5-8pm

Vopnfjörd is a proficient storyteller who distils human experience into the vital emotions that define a moment so crisply, and memorably. From his West Coast, Victoria-based band Northern Junk to Toronto’s explosive indie rock group, Major Maker, that boasted a fervour comparable to The Killers or Hard-Fi, Lindy’s talents have spanned many musical outfits. From his earliest albums, The Humourous Years and Suspension of Disbelief which he toured extensively through the UK, to his most recent, Young Waverer, Lindy has consistently delivered a calibre of song writing and musical arrangement that has garnered heaps of critical accolades.

You are ahead by a century.

Gord Downie

Don’t be a magician, be magic.

Leonard Cohen

We came. We saw. We kicked it’s ass.

Bill Murray

We are stardust. We are golden.

Joni Mitchell

I’m feelin’ good.

Nina Simone
Jimi Hendrix

Excuse me, while I kiss the sky.

Words and ideas can change the world.

Robin Williams

We can be heroes.

David Bowie

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Maya Angelou